Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Do you remember how to play...

We've played games this week that we haven't played in a very long time. Poor Dad! He turned down AGGRIVATION, (because it's aggrivating?) But We've played Uno Spin, Dominoes, Memory, and today Mystery Girl wants to play Allowance, (it's like monopoly) and Stratego. Oh, and they've played Chess. So, do you remember how to play these games? I'm hard pressed to remember! After all, I have a life to live so who needs to PLAY Life? Plus, we've drank a lot of coffee and Mystery Girl still got school work done. We only have one subject to catch up on after Dad leaves. But, I need to be able to supervise her work in that class, so I delayed it for a few days. She'll catch up in plenty of time. After all, there's only 171 days of school left! On another note, I'm falling over tired all the time lately. I'm sure it is because school just started and we are having a hard time getting on schedule. But, it's awful! Calico Kid has been really tired at school, too. Of course, we're not used to sitting down in one place anymore, since the summer has been soooo active! How do you help a kid who feels bad about wearing glasses? I keep telling him that he needs to pretend that it doesn't bother him and the kids will quit teasing him, but.....easier said than done. Poor kid. I let the teacher know that he's having a problem with it and that C Kid is supposed to wear them ALL the time. Maybe the teasing will diminish. C Kid also feels bad because one of the kids that is teasing him is a neighbor that C Kid thought was his friend. I think that maybe that's why it bother's him so much. So, we had to talk about being careful who we choose to be our friends and that not all people are good friends. See, this kid has a bunch of animals at his house. Chickens, cats, dogs, and I don't know what else. Well, C Kid is in love with all things animal, so that makes this kid a "friend." WRONG! So, we talked about how just because someone has cool things and stuff that we like or want, it doesn't mean that he is a good person on the inside. We talked about how being a good person on the inside AND outside is so very important and that it's okay to have different friends at school. People who are nice and good on the inside. Kids who tease are "bullys" and we need to stay away from them as much as possible. I really feel sorry for Calico Kid. It's hard to be a nice kid in a big, bad world.

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