Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How Does GM Strike Affect Us?

As most of you know, GM is in a nationwide strike. Dr. O came home from work last night and informed me that it is possible that he may get laid off if GM does not resolve their differences with the Union. Great! Wonderful! "But you don't work for GM." "Nope, but if GM doesn't work, then GM doesn't buy parts and my company has to lay off if we don't sell or ship parts." "Oh!" So, in essence, if Dr. O gets laid off, he has to find a new job, but all the GM people and other people involved in making car parts also have to find new jobs. Nothing like a glutted job market! Oh, as I type, I just heard that GM resolved the contract! COOL! I guess now I need to go watch the news! Maybe Dr. O won't need a new job. (Actually, I still think he needs a new job that is NOT in car parts.) I won't need to look for one either! Yay! Dr. O never panics, but, when he does, I'm afraid I do worse than panic! Whoo! Maybe I'll have something more to write after watching the News.

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