Monday, October 15, 2007

One of my FAVORITE Recepies Ever

I just posted my FAVORITE recipe ever to Rana's Recipes for Simple Potato Soup. I use this one a whole bunch! Today is make bread day at our house. We've decided that homemade is sooo much better and cheaper than store bought. Dr. O can't even eat store bought as it causes a lot of discomfort later. I finally found a recipe that the whole family likes. I posted it not too long ago for those who want to try it. Honey Whole Wheat Bread. Today is also 'make your daughter cry' day. Poor kid. I thought that I had better check the directions that the school sent us "one more time" to make sure we are doing everything right. That's when I discovered it. A direction that I'm quite sure I have read before and I'm quite sure I told Mystery Girl before. However, we both forgot. This direction said to write the answers in the workbook in pen and in cursive. Oh, great. It's been six weeks and NOW we find it. So, poor kid, she has to rewrite all her answers again in ink. Thank God, we have a copy machine so I could copy all her work before we erased it. Now, she just has to rewrite them all in pen. Thank goodness, it's only 2 workbooks and one of them she already did this morning. Now, if she could just finish the other one before her brother gets home....Tomorrow, she has to do a book report, then she should be all caught up and ready to begin on Wed. I'm glad I scheduled enough days off for her to be able to use one for catch up. She'll still be done before Calico Kid will be this spring. In other news, hmmm... Dr. O went on a hiking trip over the weekend. He and a friend went together and said they had pretty good weather but that the fall colors were a little dissappointing. They were gone 3 days, so I got to practice the single mom thing again for a few days. Wow, it's sure different when I'm not working and can stay home! Amazing! We didn't do much at home other than to catch up on laundry and cleaning. I hardly cooked. I drove by the home of one of Mystery Girl's friends and about got sick to my stomach. They have the most beautiful, gorgeous, hugemungous house. Now, every now and then, the green worm of envy will nip me a bit, but I'm telling you, this green worm turned into a huge snake and took a huge hunk out of my hide. I came home in tears and my stomach hurt. Man, I don't think that I've ever felt envy THAT much before in my life! In fact, I've decided that this was a real attack of the enemy because of my doing the right thing about staying home with the kids. The enemy is attacking me in this area really hard it seems every day. The more that I decide to be content no matter my circumstances, the harder I fight the envy worm. And here's the kicker, I bet they are not any better off than we are. I can't imagine their debt load. So WHY am I envying that? WhooBoy! It's almost stupid, but man, I can't believe how hard it hit me! I think that Satan has found one of my weak spots in my life, that of feeling of value, and has played on it to the ultimate extreme. Of course I know that my life as a mom and wife has huge value, but at the same time, I am used to measuring value in how much I do or how much I make. It is quite a life change to measure it in other ways. So, please pray for me in this area. My true desire is to be content in all circumstances.

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