Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Didn't Mean It, I Promise

I KNOW that I said that we are learning to do things the old fashioned way. That there is value is doing it that way. But, I didn't REALLY want to do it that way. You see, I can handle doing chores around that house and cooking and even cleaning. How are you supposed to do so without water? We haven't had water since Monday afternoon. A water tank near the outside pump decided to rupture. So, the landlord says, "I need to turn the water off." Okaayy. I guess. Well, ok, if he didn't we'd have a HUGE puddle to drown in in our yard. And the kids would have been happy to do it! Then, he brought in a backhoe and dug up the driveway to find the leak. He missed. The back hoe had to come back. They found it. A tank that no one remembered was there, flooding the 6 foot deep hole they dug. Now we have mud and muck and a HUGE hole in the middle of the driveway. Today, the "well guy" is here to finish the job. Maybe we will have water? Please? May we have running water? I'm tired of only kinda cleaning up. My kitchen is getting gross! Luckily, there's a water tank across the yard full of water that we can pour down the toilet, a bucket at a time. We can even heat it for dishes, if you heat 5-6 pots full, so that you can do an adequate job. I didn't say a good job. The tank water is gross too. The landlord did bring us 5 gallons of drinking water, which we are getting low on, so that we can at least drink and cook. But to cook means that you have to dirty dishes and did I mention that my kitchen is getting gross?! So, guess what we are doing as soon as we get water back! That's right! We are taking SHOWERS. We've already been to the LL's house once to get cleaned up. Let me explain gross tank water. In a word. SCUM on top. Can you say bacteria? Algea? Floaty things? Yup. I'm NOT washing MY body (any part of my body!) in THAT!!! Shudder, shake, gag. Yes, we are using drinking water to wash up. Please, just give me back my water! Halloween? It got lost in the water issues. We went to the church. I had bible study, the kids watched a movie while wearing costumes. They brought home NO candy. Calico Kid said that he ate 8 pieces and Mystery Girl ate maybe 5. What's the point of Halloween if there's no candy? Oh, well. Better luck next time. At least they are outgrowing Halloween for the most part. I give it another 2-3 years and I think we will be done with it. We went to the library yesterday. And I checked out the rest of the Amish books that they have. One of my favorite authors is Beverly Lewis and now I find out that she has an Amish Cookbook that one can order. Hmmm... Sounds like a nice Christmas idea?! hint, hint. website: It is called The Beverly Lewis Amish Heritage Cookbook. Well, I'll let you know if and when we get water! ****UPDATE**** We now have water at 10am. Yipee, Yay, Hooray, Awesome! Now I can get everything cleaned up! AND we get $50 off the rent! That will help towards Christmas!

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Amy said...

I don't envy you! I can't imagine how gross that must me. We got a note that our water would be turned off for just a few hours to fix a leak, and Nik filled up all our big trash cans with water so we could flush and whatnot! We ended up not using any of it, but at least we were prepared. Your landlord seems to be really nice about it though.