Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tis the Season

Tis the Season to be COLD. Tis the Season to be HURRIED. Tis the Season for Hot Chocolate, Lattes, Sweets Galore. Tis the Season for Snow Storms, Sleet, Slush, and Slippery. Tis the Season for Creativity and Inventiveness and Reading Kids Minds and Dissapointing Kids Hopes. Today, was Mom's Day Off. Ohhh, the sweetness. Ohhh, the glory. Ohhh, the Luxury! I went to 3 Craft Shows, out for lunch, got a haircut, and a Venti Starbucks Mint White Chocolate Mocha for the price of a Tall. When they asked me what I wanted and what size, I told them. AND they gave it to me! Yay, made my day. I was gone from home from 9:30 til 3:30. It was so much FUN! (I love Mommy's Day Off) It only happens once in a blue moon. On Monday, we put up one of trees and decorated it in old toys (sorta), Teddy bears, beanie baby dogs and cats, and old ornaments. Soon, Dr. O will get HIS tree, and we can decorate that one, too. Tomorrow, we are supposed to have real bad weather. I am going to a Christmas Tea, if I can. But if it gets real bad, I might not get to go. Dr. O won't let me drive in bad weather, so we'll see. Hopefully, I'll get to go and it will be fun. It's hard when most of the roads are gravel country roads. I'm hoping to make some Christmas gifts tonight after the kids go to bed. I need to get with it, or they won't have any this year! I just noticed that this whole post is kinda negative. Hmmm. I'll have to think of some cheerful things! Maybe put on some Christmas Music. That sounds like fun!

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