Thursday, October 21, 2010

BYOC Part 2

It's now Thursday and I will finish my story! The cookout went well. It was beautiful weather, the fire was hot and mostly calm, the tables were loaded down, the kids were happy, the adults actually got to talk.

Then, Tori and Lane took 6 of the 7 kids back into the orchard, they picked apples, and picked apples, and picked apples, 8 grocery bags full. Granted, they had to work hard for them! They were the left overs from what the migrant workers missed or discarded. The HUGE TALL guys were climbing the little apple trees. I almost had a fit. (they are not our trees and I didn't want them broken as our landlord would be VERY angry!)

Then, just as we were getting comfortable, the wind came up, the cups blew away, the napkins started flying, the chips began floating off the plate! So, we cleaned up and came inside where the last child, a 1 year old, proceeded to take apart my house, one video, one DVD, one book at a time. Then one game, a shelf of books, a stack of videos and DVDs. I began looking at the clock! Frequently! I chased SOMEONE ELSE'S kid. I picked up books, videos, DVDs, games, and looked at the clock again. Several times.

Then the kids came back cold, and wet and hungry. They took over my kitchen, they exclaimed over their apples, they begged to stay. (horror of horrors!) The baby was crying, I was getting a headache. Finally, they got into their Suburban, with ALL their apples and children, and I very nicely said, "Thank you for coming, I had a good time! Next time the party's at your house!" and they drove away.

Whew, we made it! Orville and I went into the house and crashed. We agreed that it was a good thing we didn't have the full party we had planned to have, that they were(are) really nice people, but NEXT TIME, WE FOUR PEOPLE WILL INVADE THE HOME OF THOSE NINE PEOPLE!

Oh, and yesterday, Tori comes home from school and informs me that one of the boys (HUGE, TALL boys) wants to come home with her every Wed and go to church with us!? What's up with that? Not a problem, I guess. Oh, and can he have more apples? He'll pick them himself! NO, NO, NO! Do I make myself clear?!

It was definitely an interesting experience!

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