Friday, August 24, 2007

Apples, Apples, Apples

On Wednesday night we had a major wind/rainstorm. The the rain was blowing horizonally. It came so suddenly that I had all the windows open in the house. Well, have you ever seen ceiling tiles (you know from a drop ceiling) fly? I have. Have you ever seen popcorn fly? I have. So, by the time I got all the windows closed, we had water soaking carpets and flooding window frames. My bed was soaked. And the kids were scared. (Not to mention mommy) When Dr. O got home from work. We went for a little drive to see all the damage in the neighborhood. One of our neighbors had a tree attached to their house. There were a lot of trees in the road. The next morning we discovered that our rain gutter was almost off the house. We also discovered that there were apples everywhere. They has blown off the trees. Apple are a major crop for Farmer Tom. So, I'm sure he lost a lot of money. Of course the kids where in heaven. They asked Farmer Tom if they could have the apples on the ground and went and picked up a whole bunch of apples. Like probably 20 pounds worth. They even made a game of putting the apples in the bucket. Then they brought them to me. They wanted apple sauce, apple pie, apple rings. Apples, apples, apples. So, I made 8 pints of apple sauce. Of course the major requirement was that they had to peel them all! And in the middle of working, my apple slicer/corer broke. Just fell apart. So, I had to do it the old fashioned way! (I think I'm getting lots of experience doing things the old fashioned way!) Today, Calico Kid wanted to know when he could eat the apple sauce. I told him that I will make more today, if he peels, and that I would save some out for him before canning it all. For apple rings, I'll have to buy a corer. Then that should be pretty easy. As for apple pie, that's Dr. O's department. I don't make pies. At least not yet!

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