Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hello Amy, Welcome to my Parlor. You are right, I do need to reply on yours more often! I alway think of things to say, but rarely say them. Hey Charlotte, I'm going to need some recipes for Zuccini and Pumpkins. I've tried a whole bunch of stuff already, but I'm ready for some new recipes! I'll also be talking about homeschool escapades for those who are interested.


roniarch said...

Hey, Rana,
Got your e-mail. Just to let you know, I've got your blog bookmarked. I'll be reading it regularly. I've often thought of starting my own, but I don't know what I'd be writing about that I'd want everyone else reading! This will give me something to look forward to when I log on.

Rana said...

Thanks Sonia, I'm not sure what all wI'll be writing about either! I guess we'll just have to see!