Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kids In The Country

So, what's it like to be a kid in the country? it was getting to watch the farmers while they were haying. They walked along next to the machine that makes hay bales and spits them out or rather flips them out into the hay rack. They were gainfully employed this afternoon at least. This Spring they got to ride the tractor that makes "toothpicks" from all the tree branches that they trimmed (the mulcher). During the Fall, they watch the apple pickers and follow them around asking a million questions. Mystery Girl spends more time with Farmer Tom than Calico Kid since she's home more all year. Here's a list of her voluntary accomplishments: sweep out the work shed, advise and supervise brake light installation, wrench holder, lying under the planting machine with Farmer Tom, asking millions of questions...etc. Calico Kid also helps out when he gets home from school. They have sat on every tractor, truck, and machine on the place. Plus they help me pick veggies out of the garden (even tho they're not ready yet!), make tents and slip-n-slides out of tarps, create "swimming pools" with tarp, lumber, and rocks then float all the hard, plastic toys in it. By the way, well water is extremely cold! They've also been fishing, and frog catching at the lake, had campfires out back, camping near the U.P. of Michigan, watched Farmer Tom shake cherries out of the trees, and peeled and chopped their body weight in veggies. So how can they be BORED? I don't get it! Oh, I forgot, they also spent a couple of weekends hanging soap on apple trees to keep the deer away. That's about 5000 trees folks!


roniarch said...

Our Saturday plans pretty much got ruined. We were planning to go to the Athens Fair, which is supposed to be a good time, and we did go. Even though it looked like it was going to rain. After a 45 min. drive and a friend following us, we arrived. The rides weren't even ready yet and it was almost noon! We were waiting around until 1:00 to get wristbands and it started to pour. Our friend had left awhile ago out of boredom and we only purchased expensive food and talked to one of the people we saw that goes to our church. Then we headed home. No Fun. No Friends. No Rides. Suddenly, No Plans! We all took a nap. Underdog is in the theater so we are taking the tyke to a matinee for supper. Hope tomorrow is better. Glad your kids are getting the most out of summer.

Amy said...

I think kids figure out how to get bored no matter what they have to do. You're bored? Hey, I have some chores for you to do... hee hee

Rana said...

Somehow, we parents like it when they get "bored"! We have a chore list on the frige for those moments! I do think that part of the bordom is the lull between activities and they have exhausted each other's patience.