Saturday, September 1, 2007


6:00 this morning Dr. O and Calico Kid left to go fishing. Calico Kid has been begging to go all summer, and now is the time for just the 2 of them. They are both groggy and barely awake, but they have left. Calico Kid is so excited. He packed up all the fishing stuff and had it sitting by the door last night. He even packed the camera so Dr. O could take pictures of him! I had to get up with them to see them off as this is a first for Lane. He's been fishing with Grandpa, but not with Daddy yet. He plans to catch a whole bunch and bring them home so I can cook them! Well, let me tell number one rule is, if you catch it, you clean it, then you cook it. Mom doesn't do that for you. So, he gets a lesson in cleaning fish (YUCK) and in cooking fish (YUM, I hope). I'll update again after they get home.

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