Monday, September 3, 2007

I thought we had mice....BUT

For the past year, we have been catching and destroying the mouse population in our house. So...last night when heard scratching and running up in our ceiling I thought we had another mouse. I insisted that my wonderful hubby track it down and destroy it. Only he didn't find a mouse. He found a bat instead. Yes, I said a bat. A furry, beady eyed, winged, mouth full of teeth bat. Uuggly, scary, bat. It still gives me the hebeegeebees to think on it. But the worst part is that I've never seen a real live bat in real light. Just flying thru the trees in the dark where they belong and don't bother me. So, I had to look at it, then Dr. O wanted me to take pictures of it. So, here is what I had to endure last night. Enjoy my discomfort!


roniarch said...

EEEK! Those things are so creepy! The ONLY thing they are good for is controlling the pest population. If it weren't for that, I'd say, "Get rid of them all!" YUCK! You're lucky you got a hubby who will take care of that for you. No envy on my part about the bats.

Amy said...


sharmaine said...

What a wonderful picture of that scary creature. Don't think I'd like to stare at that for very long.

I just like the idea of all the bugs they eat.

We had a bat in our apartment in Peterborough. Alwin woke in the night hearing a whooshing sound. When he woke me, I couldn't believe it, but it was true. We covered our heads with the quilt then turned on the light before leaving the bedroom and closing the door. We then spent the night on the couch - in another room. The next day our land lord found it hanging up-side-down on the bedroom curtain.

Sheila_T said...

Eww. Bats, yucky. I remember having one in our home as a kid. Dad rescued us, (Dad can do anything!)
Thankfully they are pretty harmless to humans.
The picture is a great picture. You did a great job of taking it, Rana.

Love ya