Tuesday, September 4, 2007

If it's not bats, it's beagles and bunnys

This must be my week to accumulate unwanted pets. First it was the bat, yesterday was the beagle, and today is the bunny! We had a beagle show up on our front doorstep and try to claim us as hers. Some dodo dropped it off. We spent the day looking for the owners, and them Dr. O dropped it off somewhere else. At least it got fed and watered before it "disappeared". The kids got to play with it and pretend that it was theirs. I guess you can't hide the facts of life from kids forever. When pets get dropped off, they disappear. When pets get destroyed, they were set free. How dumb! So, on to the more interesting new "pet". We found a baby rabbit under Dr. O's car as he was leaving for work. We brought it in, petted it. looked up habitat and feeding habits in the encyclopedia, fed and watered it, and handled it way too much. Of course there is a picture to go with the adventure below.

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Sheila_T said...

Hi. What a cute bunny. How adorable. If only they could be a real pet, but of course the best thing to do for the little bunny is to let it go in it's own world. You never know it may just stick close to "home".

Have a great day.