Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Today was the first day of school. We got up early and everyone got settled right on time. Calico Kid was on the bus by 8 and Mystery Girl was starting at 8:30. It took all day to get her work done, but it is done and she had a really good 1st day. When C Kid got home, he informed me that there's a really "hot" girl at school and that she is his girlfriend. Hmmm. I think I'll have to talk to that boy. He knows the rules about having to be in college first, but man! He's a 4th grader, for pete's sake! But the real issue here I think is the way he refers to girls or women as "hot." And NO KISSING. Bad, bad, bad. So, here we go again. (Every year!) I sometimes think he does it to tease me? Maybe?


Amy said...

The other day, Amber said, "Cade likes Alexis!" (her best friend).

Cade said, "I don't like her, I love her!"

We all had a good laugh. Luckily he is still just 3.

Amber still is not interested in boys, which is good. I am just waiting for that day. Not looking forward to it.

I guess "hot" is the new "cute." I like cute better -- it's less sexually suggestive.

roniarch said...

I'm such a terrible mother! My son's very first day of school in his life, and I forgot to take a picture. Nobody is ever going to remember all the important days of his life.

Kiddo doesn't say anyone is hot, but he is married to about 4 or 5 people. About half are relatives. He plans on marrying more people later, too.