Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pastor for Dinner

Last Night we had the Pastor for dinner. I mean we had him and his family OVER for dinner. I realize that Pastor for Dinner is a common Sunday dinner experience for most Christian families, but seriously, we did have them over for dinner. Dr. O made ribs over an open fire. MMmmm Delicious. They have a 16 month old (not a 1 year old!) son who is very active! He ran his little legs off and played with all the balls we own including croquet balls. It's a good thing he can't hit anything with them yet! Oh, yeah, I was talking about the Pastor and Wife. They are the nicest people. I don't mean just cause they HAVE to be. They really are. We really didn't get much chance to talk as we were all chasing their son around. Pastor played soccer with Calico Kid and joked some with Mystery Girl. I did find out that they were Youth Pastors once and that this is their third church. P.W. loves tea parties so I'll be able to invite her to the next one. I think I'll have to have one pretty soon and also plan for Mystery Girl's Cookout with her Youth Group. Today, Mystery Girl is at a friend's house. Yipee! It has been quiet here ALL DAY. I'm so glad that she has a friend now. She just glows when she gets back home from spending time with her. I can expect her home around bedtime, so, she can spend a few minutes calming down and then off to bed!!!! I think that we will plan either a cookout or a pizza party for her pretty soon. I just have to get it all coordinated.

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