Saturday, September 29, 2007

Postponed and Canceled

Poor Mystery Girl, her sleepover fell through and now she feels very sad. Her friend had a track meet in WI this weekend, so, we have to reschedule the sleep over. But even worse is we have to cancel her small group party. When finances are tight, you can't have parties. Aww Shucks. And I love parties! I haven't told her yet. I feel so bad, but I just can't put us in the hole for a party. Poor kid. Well, maybe we can have the party later. Now, no one said that being a stay at home mom would be easy or that we would always have cash on hand, but I tell you, it's driving me crazy. I wish there was a way that I could work a little bit, but can't do that when homeschooling and online jobs require a much faster internet connection then we have. I'm not very good at selling things. I kinda feel bad trying to make people buy things they don't really need or want. I figure, if I can't afford to buy it, why should I try to make other people buy it! So, on that note, I am now trying to make bread more often. I actually found a recipe that worked for me. Honey-Whole Wheat Bread. It's good and the kids like it and it's not too hard to make. In fact, my daughter likes to help me make it. She does most of the measuring for me and I may even allow her to knead the bread sometime soon. Sometimes becoming domestic is sooo not me. Then there are times when it seems like fun. However, it is becoming increasingly necessary. If I am to stay at home, I have to do a lot of things I've never done before, which is kinda scary. Although the more i get into it, the better it is. At least, I'm not so dumb in the kitchen as I used to be. And my house is cleaner then it has been in years. It's a lot easier to keep it picked up when your home all day every day. Plus, making the kids do chore, just because I shouldn't have to do EVERYTRHING, helps, now THEY vaccuum and dust and dry dishes. They also peel and chop veggies for most of the meals. Yay! That makes food prep much easier and quicker. And more fun. They still think that peeling carrots and taters is fun, so, why not? Have at it kids!

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