Saturday, September 8, 2007

What is a Bumpkin?

What is a Bumpkin you ask? Well, Webster's said that a bumpkin is an unsophisticated, country person who enjoys the simple life. I'm not sure that unsophisticated describes me, but the rest does for the most part. Let my introduce us Bumpkins. First, there's Dr. O. He's the guy that drives cars that look like Flinstone cars. Literally, to make it go, you have to pick it up with one arm and hot foot it. I think my kid's bikes go faster! He's also the guy that thinks that if you drive the speed limit, you'll run out of gas faster. Well, OK, I don't know, maybe that one is true. Dr. O is also a good provider and a patient husband and parent. If ONLY I could be so cool and laid back! Next, there's me. I'm the one who teaches Home School and stresses about homework, deadlines, and being stuck at home. Actually, I love being home. I just want to leave home once in a while! So, I "run away and hide" in a good book. It doesn't solve anything, but, at least I feel better. I have been a SAHM for a year now, and I'm finally catching on. I MUST have something to DO, I mean besides teach, cook, clean, and garden. I think it would be really great to have a friend. I mean a friend who isn't into dumping all her problems on me, then abdicating all responsibility. I don't mind sharing problems with each other, that's what friends do, but there has to be an up side, too. So, I'm on a mission to "find a friend." Wish me luck! Then, there is Mystery Girl. She is 11 going on I don't know what age. Sometimes, I think it is 5 and at other times 16. She loves a good mystery and reading after lights out. I'm not sure how healthy it is to read with just your clock nightlight on, but just try to stop her. She accuses me of withholding information, but I can't figure out WHAT information. Yesterday she told me that she'd understand her Bible lessons more if I would have let her read her Bible! OK, go read it. But not after lights out or when you are supposed to be doing chores or homework! And how about reading your Bible instead of Nancy Drew? She climbs anything that she can get a hold of, scares her mom to death, and loves tractors and farm machinery. And last, but certainly not least is Calico Kid. He's 9 and all boy. He loves his bike and going fast. He's going to marry mom and never kiss girls. (Right!) He plays on the tractors and machines, tortures his sister, and makes sure we eat 3+ meals per day. He's starving to death at least 2x per day and puts himself to bed when he knows that I'm ready to assign chores! After all, what mom in her right mind wakes kids up? He thinks that the bat and mice we caught were cool and cute and meant to be pets. OK ,not the bat. We're a "normal" family, whatever "normal" is. This past year has been a lot of learning and transitioning. First of all, we moved from the city to the country, from CO to MI, got married, consolidated household "stuff," started homeschooling, I went from working to being a mom. Whatever a mom is. Since being home all the time, I am finding it harder and harder to get up in the morning. I'm trying to get up early for the school year, so I can be ready for the day before the kids appear. It's the only alone time I get since they have an aversion to going to bed. We tend to think that popcorn is a normal thing to eat for supper, and instant mashed potatoes make a great lunch. My husband does most of the cooking, but I DO cook, occasionally. I think that this year will go more smoothly now that the honeymoon period is over for ALL of us! Now, life can begin.

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roniarch said...

Good luck with the "good friend" thing! I've had very few in my life and it usually takes forever to find them. Then I move away. When I do finally find one where I'm at now, it happens to be a male and creates conflicting issues. Good thing I have a very understanding hubby! Friend and hubby get along pretty well. Whew!

This school season is really throwing my schedule off. My body is suffering greatly. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to stay up so late for my job. Naps only happen for me when my body says "Enough!" Then it is never long enough. I'm hoping to be adjusted in the next couple of weeks here. Next year I'll know better what to expect.