Thursday, September 6, 2007

Whistle if you need me

Ok. I need you. I'm whistling, and whistling, and whistling. How come no one is coming? That was why I bought the whistle in the first place. I got it because we have a large area of space the the kids disappear into. I can never find them. Ever. It saves my voice but makes all the workers look at me funny, as if I was doing something really weird. They all stop what they're doing and look, then go back to work shaking their heads. I have no idea how far the kids can go before they can't hear me anymore. Maybe I should have them take a whistle with them and try whistling for me to see how far the range is. They run around behind the apple orchard, around the corn field, and down the road on their bikes. It seems they are always out of sight. On another note, I was talking to my sis-in-law about schools and morals and ethics. I should not have started that topic let me tell you. Don't get me wrong, we agreed about everything, it's just that the whole subject makes me boil over. Take tolerance for instance. I and my child are supposed to tolerate sexual preference and behavior that is in opposition to God's laws or is in very bad taste. BUT, they (whoever "they" is) do not have to tolerate disciple or religious or faith-based values, because they are in opposition to "modern society." Our values and beliefs are old fashioned and out of date. So, really tolerance is a one way street. Humanism is the accepted god of our society and anyone who is opposed to Humanism is bigotted and unfit to be parents or leaders, evidentally. Oh, well. I will continue to do my best to raise God fearing, respectful, well mannered, ethical young children to be responsible Christian adults. As God is my witness, I will do my best, and with His help, I will succeed. So, what's up with this New Math? I have a hard enough time with the Old Math. This New Math is even worse. It is very confusing and for those of us parents who homeschool a child who has already been to public school, it is impossible. Now we have to unlearn all the new stuff so I can teach the old stuff. I think it is just another tool to alienate parents from the schools.


Sheila_T said...

Oh Rana,
I am so with you on your comments. I, could never say what you expressed in the way that you did. You are so good at saying it.
I to will do my best to raise a child of intergrety who is not afraid to make Godly choices and be strong to not give in to humanistic voices of this world.
The New Math? Can you believe that is what our parents were asking as well when we got our 'new math'. So, our math is the the new math that our parents was saying, "what's up with this new math" when we were kids. My question is, how many ways can math be new?

Amy said...

My school calls traditional addition and subtraction "formal math." Hmmm. Don't ask me what they call math now, but I know they don't teach it like they did when I was a kid.

I've always felt that "tolerant" people really are not very tolerant at all. In fact, I remember reading a forum once where someone claimed that the only people it's okay to be intolerant of is the intolerant (i.e., Christians/conservatives). Because, of course, intolerance is the ultimate sin in their eyes. I'd rather be "intolerant" than a lot of other things, and I've long since quit apologizing for it, too.

I love the Internet because there are so many great Christian/Conservative blogs and stuff out there, where people can say what they really believe -- and they are gathering huge followings. I honestly believe the Internet has opened a way for Conservatives to get their views across and form communities.