Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tag Your It

Four Things Four jobs I have had in my life 1. truck stop waitress 2. mail sorter/packer 3. GED Examiner 4. USAF Four movies I have watched more than once 1. Old Yeller 2. Incredible Journey 3. Air Bud 4. Kayla Four places I have lived: 1. Oklahoma 2. Texas 3. Maine 4. Michigan Four TV Shows That I Watch 1. Extreme Makeover(the kids think we need one) 2. America's Funniest Videos 3. News? 4. TV? What's THAT? Places I have been 1. Home 2. Walmart 3. Meijers (groceries) 4. Arnie's (craft store) Four of my favorite foods (for real?) 1. scalloped cabbage (hehe they're as big as beachballs, gotta do SOMETHING with them!) 2. cream of broccoli soup (that too!) 3. BLT (millions of tomatoes to use up!) 4. Tacos (more tomatoes!) Four people who email me regularly 1. MaryKay 2. Victoria's Secret(I'm not sure why?) 3. Sonia 4. Shiela? Four places I would rather be right now 1. in bed 2. grocery shopping 3. getting my hair cut 4. somewhere sunny Four friends who I think will respond [I guess this means "Tag! You're It!"]: 1. Sonia 2. Shiela 3. Tori 4. Shannon Things I am looking forward to this year [or next]: 1. Christmas 2. tax returns 3. being done with canning 4. new garden

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Anonymous said...

your page makes fun reading.. will read more... more regularly.. my page is out of date... but.. what can i say. great recipes too.. sounds yummy.. caramel rolls....when the roll is called up yonder. Evan...friend of Orville.
How much "Wood" could a "Woodhull" hull, if a "Woodhull" could hull wood??!! tons i suppose...depending on how much wood the "caveman" will let him have. :):):):) blessings.