Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's Over

Finally, it's over. The book report I mean. On Monday we copied over all the answers in Maps, Globes, Graphs in pen and started Studying God's Word in pen. Tuesday we finished SGW in pen and Finished The Book Report. It's done. It's over. For the next 6 weeks anyway, then we do it again. In any case, after all this constant writing, I can finally read her writing. It think it got better! Today, we go back to doing regular school. Yipee! Plus, her "adopted grandmother" is taking her to Klackle Orchards for a field trip and I get the afternoon off by myself! HE HE ! I think we may need to invest in a writing program that will help her to write neatly and legibly. Here's what I've been up to lately! My husband says it makes the house look more homey!

Don't YOU think so? I thought you did! How'd this happen to me anyway?! I can't believe that I'm actually doing all of this stuff.

Today, I went out to see about replanting my Hostas. Well, my one plant (massive, huge) put out enough bulbs to replant the entire flower bed in Hostas. Now I have to figure out what to do with all the OTHER plants that I pulled out and trimmed. Oh, and I haven't dug up the other flower beds yet either. I'm kinda afraid to! Plus, it's been raining. Who gardens in the rain anyway? I also noticed that my tomato plants got ran over by a tractor that the farm hands are racing around with. And they put all their tractor attachments In my garden! Am I supposed to rototill them under, I wonder? I guess they are running out of room to park all their stuff!

Yesterday, the kids went out with backpacks to collect some apples off the trees. They came back and emptied them into a yard size trash can. The can is half full. No kidding! I asked them what were they thinking? (Never ask that!) They were thinking apple pie, apple crisp, apple muffins, apple butter?, apple dumplings, apple this, apple that, etc. Well, who's gonna make all this stuff? OHHHH, I am. I shoulda known! And now, my daughter is going to an apple orchard this afternoon! Oh boy! I think I'm in trouble! So, we will find out just how creative I can be. I'm glad they like apples, at least it is healthy and mostly free. Until they are all gone that is. Still, apple sauce lasts a long time if you can it. Here we go again!

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