Thursday, October 18, 2007

Paint by Number

Remember that paint by number? Well, here it is! Didn't I do a great job? I think so! Ok, it's not bad for a first time painter. Anyway, it was fun. I'd like to do another one sometime.

Today, we will finish early again! Yay! It is so exciting to finish school early. Now I don't have to be "mean" anymore! At least I don't think so!
Now, I'm looking for more newspaper and junk paper things to shred. They work so well in my compost bucket. Gives a little balance to all the fruit and veggie peels.

It is the middle of October and it feels like spring. Today it rained and is at 74 degrees. No wonder all the plants are sprouting again. Wierd. I thought it was supposed to be Fall. Well, I suppose that it will get that way pretty soon. Just seems strange to be living in the North and having spring in Oct.

Have you ever petted moss? Mystery Girl is investigating moss and the way it grows and wants everyone to pet it. Cool I guess!

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