Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sleepovers, Fellowship Dinners, and Hope Chests

Last night Mystery Girl finally got to do her sleepover at her friend's house. She came home tired and disappointed. Evidently, the friend was constantly in trouble and the friend's brother was making trouble, and the friend's mother was yelling at them the whole time. This is the friend who's mother is adamant about ADHD and medication and talks about it all the time. It seems that this mother was telling MY daughter that she really needed to be on medication for ADHD and the she was either ADHD or ADD. WHATEVER! She talks about this in front of her kids and of course in front of my kid and I'm thinking that this kind of friendship is not really go to happen. Here's the thing, whether she is or not, really is not an issue at our house. Since she's been homeschooled the the past year, her behavior is much improved and she even voluntarily helps with some chores. (probably to get out of schoolwork! But I'll take all the help I can get. She's still learning important skills!) Mystery Girl goes in cycles it seems. Some weeks are great and fun filled and motivated and other weeks are just the opposite. She will be done with school early again this year, because I push her hard to do well, and to be quick about it. I'm thrilled that she likes to read, since that is the catalyst for most of her school work. She is very good about going to the encyclopedia to look up stuff that she read in Social Studies or Science. So far she has looked up the Roman Empire, Mythology, and other names of people she reads about in her inventions class. I just love that she loves to read! Plus, through homeschool, I am able to show her how things should be done, and take the time to make sure she does is that way. In any case, back to this mother, Dr. O and I will have to talk to her about this. I don't want her saying things like that in front of my kid. She has enough on her plate without thinking that something is wrong with her. While Mystery Girl was at her sleepover, Dr. O, Calico Kid and I went to a fellowship dinner. This was a lot of fun. It was about 45 minutes from our house, but we had a good time talking and getting to know new people. I only had one complaint. They are "Sipping Saints!" I couldn't believe it, they offered us wine or mixed drinks with dinner! NO THANK YOU! We'll just have water! I was so surprised. For some reason, I just expect that Christian people don't drink or at least don't openly admit that they do! I guess it has something to do with when you are a Christian, you are supposed to be a new creation in Christ and that old things pass away and we become new creatures. I suppose that goes along the line of condoning gambling. How are we to be set apart from the world and an example of Christ, if we do as the world does? I'm not talking about addiction that has a hold on someone and that only Christ can break the hold of them. I'm talking about enjoying the pleasures of sin. Doing it even though you KNOW that it is wrong, but make no effort to change. (rationalization?) Okay, on to a lighter, more enjoyable subject. Hope Chests. Who out there had a hope chest when you were growing up? I know that my sister's and I did. I got to thinking about that last night. I think it's time to start a hope chest for my kids. Mystery Girl can have a Hope Chest, and Calico Kid can have a Tool Chest. Now, what to put in them? Well, how about things like sheets, towels, dishes, cookbook full of Mom's Favorite Recipes (so they don't have to call me all the time to get a recipe like I do to MY mom!) You know, functional items that everyone needs when they move out. If anyone feels led to contribute I'd be very happy to let you! The first item they will need is a chest to put the item into. Hmmm...I guess boxes will have to do, until we find a couple. Maybe I can start my daughter out with painting a cute design on dishcloths. I'm still using the ones that I received and painted as a girl. Besides, it would be a touch of home, for them to remember when they do dishes! And they could count as Art in school! Now, I like that idea!

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