Thursday, October 25, 2007

We Finally have a new toilet seat!

That's right, we have a new toilet seat. Our old one was cracked and it would bite your backside whenever you sat on it. So, now, we have a new one! As soon as Dr. O brought it home, Mystery Girl, disassbled the old one, cleaned the entire toilet including scraping all the "stuff" off from around the assembly area and installed the new one. Here I thought Dr. O had done it, but NOOOO, SHE did. She was sooo proud of herself. I guess she's one up on Mommy now! We are studying a book called Downpour in our Bible Study class. It is a good book for the most part. We've been studying a lot about sin though, which is not a pleasent subject. In fact it is downright depressing at times! So, this week, I changed my focus a bit. We were to study and think about and pray about "hidden sin", whatever that is. Is that sin that I have hidden or is it sin that is hidden from me? Anyway, I decided that I couldn't study about hidden sin and worry about it until I deal with the ever present, visible sins in my life. You know, things like impatience, yelling at my kids, pride! Stuff that everyone really deals with. Then, because everyone in the class talks around the subject and never comes out and says what they really mean, I plunged into my story. It is really hard to talk about this stuff if you are not specific. In any case, I kind of surprised the class and told a little bit about what has happened in my life that led me to this place today. When I finished, you could have heard a pin drop. That's kinda scary! And here's the catch, I really did not go into details or specifics. I just gave them an overview. I've been dreading going into my story as it is not very nice, however, I felt soo much better afterward, like a huge load had been lifted. And actually, all this stuff is in the past, it is forgiven, it is under the blood of Jesus, but there are consequences that I deal with today. Afterward, a lot of them came up to me and started sharing personal stuff that they had been though in their lives. It was kinda neat. Maybe we just needed to break the ice. We have 6 more weeks in this series then we start something new. Okay, now that we've talked about the class and sin, I've got an observation to make. When I talk about all the things I'm learning to do and get excited about the canning and baking and cooking that I've been doing, it is just that, I am very excited. I am not trying to be proud and boastful, I'm just excited. All of this stuff is new to me and I never dreamed that I could really do it. So, if I sound boastful, I am sorry. I will try to tone it down some. The truth is that doing these things makes me feel good and useful and happy inside. Kinda like I am coming into my true destiny and finding myself on a totally different level.

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roniarch said...

Don't feel boastful. There is nothing wrong with making several accomplishments as you have and feeling good about it. It also makes for good stories and something for the rest of us to read when we don't feel like doing all this kind of stuff ourselves. Who knows, maybe someday I'll move to the country, plant a garden and start canning! In any case, why have a blog if you aren't going to write about anything because you're worried about coming across as boastful and prideful. That wouldn't be a very interesting blog to read. Besides it is something you are excited and increasingly passionate about. Just keep up the good writing!