Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Finally Fall

It's official, at least at my house. It's finally Fall. I decorated for our Bonfire Party with all my fall decorations, cleaned house, garage, mud room, and scolded the kids about making ANY MESSES, so, now it is Fall! The whole family is under strict orders, it is a DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING WEEKEND. After spending hours and hours cleaning and organizing, I don't want ANYONE to touch ANYTHING! I know, I know, good luck right? Well, at least I can dream and try to keep my sanity. Now, if I can just get Dr. O to clean up the yard a bit. Actually, the woodpile, I'd be ready for the party! I just can't stand a dirty, messy yard. For me, worse than an dirty, messy house. My thought is that it doesn't matter if you are "poor" or not, you certainly don't have to LOOK like you are! And I guess that goes for house, yard, kids, and cars (okay, I don't have much choice with the cars! They were chosen by my hubby and HE LOVES OLD UGLY CARS.) at least I think he does! So, I'm driving a very ugly minivan. It wouldn't be so bad, but the paint is peeling off and it looks like it is only half dressed!
I've decided parties are good things to have and to go to. It makes me clean house and get rid of junk. It also gives us "old married folks" something to look forward to and to talk about. I heard somewhere that if you go to a restauraunt and sit there and eat and don't talk to each other, that you need to spice up your life. Whatever! We've been married 15 months, and we were like that BEFORE we got married! Anyway, it paints a vivid picture of "old married folks." If I introduce a topic, then I talk instead of eat and my food gets cold, then it doesn't taste good, then it becomes a waste of money.
Thanks Sonia, for your kind words! What actually inspired the whole pride/boastful bit, was this Bible Study I'm going to! Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of going is. They seem to get me going and second guessing myself. So, it brought up all this stuff about pride. How do you define good and bad pride anyway? Anyhoo.... The kids got scolded again today for going too near where the landlord was working. He was running the auger today, and of course the kids wanted to see what he was doing. Their curiosity is going to be the death of them someday. I'm glad they want to know things, but I am so scared all the time that they will injure themselves or get killed around all the machinery. It is just soooo dangerous out there this time of year. You hear all these horror stories about people being maimed or killed, especially around augers and other tractor type machines. Okay, well, I'll update again after the party!

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