Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Boring Life

Well, I need to start off by apoligizing about all the boring posts lately. You see, if life is boring, so are my posts. Actually, my life isn't too boring, it's just that I can't post about the other stuff yet! I've been writing some life application stories lately, trying to spruce them up so that someday I can use them. I hope to collect enough of them to actually turn them into a short book. I've always said that I should write a book about the 16 years it took my husband and I to get married. But I also want to write about more than that. So, this week I've been brushing off the creative writing skills and adding some technical writing skills (grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure) so that what I have already written is more useable. Sounds like fun doesn't it? And right at Thanksgiving, too, when I have lots of cleaning and baking left to do yet. The other thing that I've been doing a lot of lately is to work on Mystery Girl's items for her hope chest. I'm emroidering pillow cases, doilies, and a dresser scarf, all with the same design. I can't wait to post a picture here soon. I'm just waiting for MG to finish HER pillow case. That was the deal. She had to do one item. She's about 1/3 done. Plus, I'm also thinking, working on Christmas gifts. It's a slow process. Oh, well. I just need to get through this week and then I'll have more time for a couple more weeks. Then It's decorate for Christmas. My hubby doesn't like to do THAT part too early. (pout, pout) I LOVE Christmas time, and he's a ba humbug. (scowl) So, I don't get to have my tree until the week before Christmas. I may just put up my fake one earlier anyway, then at least I can be in the Christmas mood!

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roniarch said...

That's what we'll be doing for this weekend. Decorating for Christmas and cleaning. I look forward to it, but it's a lot of work. Maybe it will get me in the mood for the holidays.

Hubby plans on going shopping today for Black Friday. He just didn't get up early so he's going to see what's still there. Me, I got to work. Boo hoo!