Sunday, November 11, 2007

No Farting Zone

Sisters, do you remember when we were growing up and we weren't allowed to say "Fart?" I remember well, the look on Mom's face when we would say the "F" word! She would press her lips together and wrinkle her forehead and say, "We don't say that here!" So instead of farting, we stinkered. "It's not ladylike to say "that word.'' I kid you not, I thought fart was a dirty word on the level with other 4 letter words! And oh, how we would delight in teasing Mom! And Dad always got the evil eye if HE said it! Shame on you for influencing our daughters that way! That memory always brings a grin to my face and a howl of glee! SOOOOO, now I've decided to implement that rule here! And guess what! MY husband delights in teasing ME! Not fair! However, the kids are coming along very nicely, and are being very compliant and, well, GRIN, I love it! They even correct each other and tell each other it's a stinker, not a fart! In fact, now my daughter wants to know what the proper word for "burp" is! Any suggestions Mom? Let's not suggest "belching" or "ralphing." Now, if I could get them to set the table properly, we would be well on our way to being well trained. As a result of this lack of table setting skill, I am now about to make a drawing of how it is supposed to look and make them set the table every meal for the next 50 years until they get it or move out. I keep telling them that they are in husband and wife training and in daddy and mommy training. Snicker, snicker. Maybe someday we'll get there! If I don't expire first.


roniarch said...

I remember well. So well, in fact, that I also have implemented that rule in our house. Hubby and I say it around each other, but my son only knows the word stinker. It even sounds cute when he says it. I just think the word fart is crude language unbefitting for a child learning how to not be offensive to people in the world. Funny thing is, I don't remember Mom put up much of a fight when we said the word crap, or crappy. Therefore, I am used to saying it and, unfortunately, my son is getting a regular dose of hearing it. When he says it, my hubby automatically looks over at me disapprovingly as it is my fault our child has such terrible words coming out of his mouth. I guess I hold some responsibility for that. Humorous just the same!

Amy said...

I remember once when I accidentally said "fart" in front of Mom ... she just got her disapproving look, but I think she also wanted to laugh but didn't dare. After that, I didn't worry about it so much. I told her I'd let my kids use that word, and she looked disapprovingly again.

My kids actually prefer the word stinker, so far. Nik and I use "fart," but the kids use "stinker" most of the time. I'm sure that will change soon!

Amy said...

Sonia, if you think "crap" is bad, be glad he hasn't used "s--t" yet, like Cade has! The girls stay away from bad words, but Cade thinks they're a lot of fun to say. Grrr!

BTW, he says "crack" for "crap." Which I think is funny!

roniarch said...

When Archie was about two, he would be sitting in the bathtub and would get angry when we told him to stop splashing water outside the tub. So he would pound the water over and over and shout "Damn, damn..." repeatedly. Woah! And got to love the old learning how to say the word 'truck'. I'll leave that one up in the air. Also, He would say s--t in place of sit. But damn is the only one I think he said with evil intent. Still, it was fun to watch Mom when he said those words over and over when we would come to visit. I wonder if we ever said any of those growing up, or if we just didn't because we never heard them until we got older. (some of them from Dad) Hee, hee.