Thursday, November 8, 2007

You're Leaking!

Mystery Girl has a saying, "Daddy, You're Leaking!" Leaking what? is the question. He's leaking love. She'll sit down next to him and say that she has to unplug him so he can leak faster! So, evidently, she feels very loved. I think that's a good thing. More of us need to "leak." Leak all over people. If more people would leak love, there would be much less heartache in this life. The Tree Butchers came today. We had a couple of trees that were hanging over the power lines and were kinda dangerous as they were so close to the house. So, they came out, compliments of the electric company. Now our trees look...well...strange and empty. They took a lot off of one of them. So sad. Mystery Girl even cried about the loss of "her trees." We started a little bit on Mystery Girl's hope chest last night. We bought pillowcases that have a stamped design on them. She and I are embroidering them. We chose the easiest design for our first one. There are only XXXX's on it, so no outlining or hard stuff. She is doing a really great job. And, She is enjoying it very much! A plus, bonus. HAPPY, HAPPY! So, we are doing a 2-4-1. Art, and something useful. When the project is completed, we'll put a picture on here. I'm quite proud of her!

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MePrashant said...

"If more people would leak love, there would be much less heartache in this life."

When the world will understand this???Let's dream of a world where everyone understand this message.