Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Queen of Hot

There's a story behind this silly poem. I was joking with a friend and told her I was the queen of hot. She misunderstood me! Then I found out that she is notorious for leaving things on the stove while going to town or working outside. In fact, once she came home to find the entire house full of smoke. The insurance people came out and recommended that they hire someone to clean their house. It took 2 months to get it clean. They even used toothbrushes to get all the smoke off the walls! So, it inspired this poem. I later took it over to her home along with a homemade paper Queen of Hot Crown. Enjoy! Queen of Hot I’m a newlywed you see The Queen Bee, No one’s as hot as me! So, I said it to a friend She thought about bed I turned bright red! What I meant was cookin’ She thought I said lookin’ Now I’m really bookin’. Hubby turns the heat real low He says to cook it slow I just don’t know. I’d like to try But mine’s on high (As I sigh.) Simmer rather than boil Don’t cook it in oil Or I’ll recoil! The summer makes me swelter Within my shelter So, my clothes go helter skelter. Dishes the kids hate I pay a great rate After all, they ate from a plate! The water’s so hot When they wash the pot 'Cause I’m the Queen of Hot! They might be willin' To do it for a shillin' And make a killin'. Of course I’m the Queen of Hot How could I not Be the Queen of Hot. But you see, I’m not as hot as she. The Queen indeed! I’ve been decrowned I’ve been thrown down On the ground. It went up in smoke Hope I don’t choke It’s no joke. I may cook it in a pot But, the Queen of Hot I’m Not! Now I go to town To transfer the crown And put it down. If you don’t like the honor Please don’t holler You’re not a goner. If Queen of Hot You’re Not Don’t get caught. Bestow it on another Just not your mother Or your brother Because Queen of Hot I’m Not At least, not with a pot!

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Good for people to know.