Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm So Excited

Yes! I AM SOOOO Excited! Everyone is well (physically, if not mentally!) and my house is clean. OK... more clean than normal. I gave everyone a list and told them the whole thing had to be finished by 5 pm except dinner dishes. They each only have 2 chores left! I can see the floor, the furniture, the counters. Yipeee! They even all have clean clothes to wear and can find them! That means that I can make bread again today and catch up on some other stuff! We even mailed our taxes out today. Dr. O is VERY pleased with the results and I did them myself this time. (It's so much easier when there's only one income, one state, and no investments!) Last year was a nightmare. We had two states, two incomes, plus a home business. And when you don't make any money, the state gives you a lot back to make up for it! Of course, having kids helps too! Even tho, if we didn't have kids, I'd be working, too and we'd have to pay in most likely. Ah, well. Nothing is toatally perfect. Drat! It's amazing how big the house looks when it is clean. Wow, if we could just keep it this way!

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Sheila_T said...

I see why your so excited. Did you know that in February the government is giving each couple $1,500 and &500/ child. That is good news also.

Talk to you soon,