Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Don't flip out when you go to the van

Those are the exact words that Dr. O said to me when he arrived home from the bank. Me: What?! He says: I hit lunch. Me: What?! Says I, to the obviously confused hubby, "What do you mean you "hit lunch," I thought you took the car. Did you drive the van?" Him: No, I drove the car. Me: What?! did you smear it all over the front of the car? What does the van have to do with it? (Maybe now I'm the one who is confused!?) Him: Go out to the car and look at the drivers side. Me: (shuddering and queasy) Am I going to be sick? Him: Just go look! So, good wife that I am, I went out to see "lunch". It was this: Roadkill, Fresh Roadkill. Don't tell me that you are going to EAT IT. NOT IN MY KITCHEN and NOT ON MY PANS. Nope, on HIS pans. :( disgusting. Then he proceeds to skin it and cut it's tail off to give it to Mystery Girl. NOT MY IDEA OF SANITARY. Ugh. So, now we have a squirrel tail. So, what else have I been up to? Well, I finished another block for my quilt that I'm working on. It is definitely going to be a long project. I might finish it this year or next! Here's a look at what I'm doing. I paired it up with the other one that I did so you can see how they might look together.

Do you really know what a snow day is? Really? Here's my definition. It is a day that is either really bad weather with snow or rain falling or a day when the night before was bad weather but today is nice and sunny and icy. So, the kids stay home from school and stay inside the house and drive me and each other crazy. We already have cabin fever, but now we have cabin fever with a vengence. Today, I finally kicked them out of the house and told them to stay outside until the "blizzard" was too bad to to see the house, or they were frozen stiff. If they came inside, they would have to be prepared to do chores and work real hard. So far, it's been 45 minutes! (Hope they're okay!) Yup, just checked. They're out talking to the farmer who most likely is wondering about my sanity about now. After all, what kind of mom makes her kids go outside in this kind of weather!? At the rate we are going, the kids will be in school all summer. Hmm. That's a thought.....Nope, Not if I have to be "teacher." I am going to be too busy in the garden to be "teacher!"

Dr. O's car is on the blitz again. We don't know what it is this time, but 20 mpg is NOT helping us get through the winter in good shape! We fixed all the stuff that he knows about so far, but of course, it's "something else." What? I wish we knew!

Someone gave is a bunch of venison. Yay! Now I get to learn how to cook it! I've been wanting some for quite a while, but now that we have it, I have to learn new skills!

Yesterday, I learned another new skill, how to make scalloped potatoes! I know, I know, it's not that hard. But we got this new slicing/grating contraption that goes on you mixer for Christmas and it does it for you! How cool is that?! So, I thought I'd try it out. Yup, it's definitely easy! It wasn't even runny! Yay! Even Calico Kid can use it! He asked me if I thought he was growing up now that he can run the mixer! Yes, you're growing up! Yes, I'm proud of you! Yes, I'm glad you like to cook! Yes, you still need to be supervised! He even decided to peel potatoes (which he hates to do) just so he could use the machine! Cool!

I just checked the kids again, they look like popcicles, maybe I'll have to relent pretty soon. At least they will have gotten some fresh air and gotten rid of some energy! I'll even make some hot chocolate for them! See, mom's can be pretty nice after she's had a few minutes to herself! Hee, hee!

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roniarch said...

The only thing I like about snow days is that I don't have to get up early to take the kid to school! Yea!