Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Past in Review

I am missing spring, summer, and fall! Yup, I'm getting real tired of snow days and cabin fever. So, today, I decided to review the past and post pictures of the things I miss and can't wait to see again. Also some things I DON'T miss, but have a memory for!
Here goes!
The big snow storm in March in Colorado. It caved in the roof of my porch overhang.
A chance shot in the Spring in Colorado. One of my favorite pictures.
The Cat Princess. She had a lot of fun creating and wearing this costume!
Not to be outdone, here's Super Catsup!
My first flower of Spring in MI. Isn't that pretty?
We are surrounded by 80 acres of these apple trees. In the Spring our yard is just bursting with blooms. My mom missed seeing them by mere days when she came to visit.
She believes fully in exploring of her world, especially if it involves mud, grease, and water.
In front of Lake Michigan in the U.P.
Calico Kid and Mystery Girl in the U.P.
The best part of camping out is the fire and the coffee. Hope it goes better next year (no rain would be nice!)
Our Lovely Weather this week brought lots of snow and snow fights. Kids here are finally having some fun in it.

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