Friday, February 8, 2008

Future Considerations

Well, I did the past, now it's time for the future. Here's what I hope to have in my garden this year. I'm getting anxious to get started. Here we have Buttercrunch lettuce, a firm-headed, deep green variety of Butterhead lettuce that is more heat-tolerant than Bibb, with a creamier taste and crunchier texture. One double row of this should be plenty. Beefsteak Tomatoes are great on burgers and are huge on the vine. Very good for serving at picnics. Probably about 6 plants will be enough to make salsas and sauces! Space Spinach is heat-tolerant, high-yielding and resistant to mildew. Freezes well. I love the name, so I'm trying it. Six different types of potatoes. I'm quite excited. We LOVE the white potatoes and like the red ones, but we have just GOT to try the blue ones! Can you imagine blue mashed potatoes?! I can!

Georgia Jet Sweet Potatoes. Just another thing I want to try. Tomatilloes, just another salsa ingredient. I'll let ya'll know how they turn out. Carnival Sweet Peppers. A mixture or sweet bell peppers that will look great on the plate and add some interest to bland dishes. Great for drying for those dishes later in the year when there are no fresh fruits.

Mariachi Hot Peppers, not too hot, but just a little spice for the "hottie" in our family. Goes great with burrito and eggs. Lovely color and looks fun to have in the garden. Nantes half-long Carrots. Great snackers and good storage. Love the color and flavor. We use a lot of carrots in Pot Roast and Chicken dishes.

Autumn Glow Butternut Squash. Small and compact and great on the plate. We love this dish with brown sugar to sweeten it a bit. We went with the smaller squash so there will be little waste.

Red, yellow and white onions. We use a huge quantity of onions in our dishes. These are all good storage onions and we love the variety of colors. Top Crop Stringless Green Beans. WE LOVE BEANS. They have replaced corn in our diet and they are always the requested veggie at dinner. Need a LOT of these.

Cabbage. We never ate cabbage until a neighbor gave us some. Now the kids beg for it. Dr. O loves cabbage and it is sooo easy to fix. The family favorite is scalloped cabbage.

Not Shown is zuccini and cucumbers. We are growing a very little of these this year. Last year we grew so much that I still have a ton in the freezer. Time to make some bread I guess. Cukes we can get from our landlord for about $8/bushel. That will make a lot of pickles! Also not shown is the pumpkins. We will most likely do the same this year as last year. They turned out pretty well.

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