Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Ok, this is a public proclaimation that I have never met anyone over the age of 15 who has never made an omlette! Have you ever made scrambled eggs? It's just the same except you don't stir the eggs in the pan. Calico Kid just loves to cook things on his own. He was writing down his favorite recipes by heart. He did a good job. They even come with illustrations! Not that you can recognize most of them, but they are in color, so it's at least guessable! He also love to make fried eggs and toast. Not together, like my mom like to make them, but seperately! Mystery Girl is into soup. Any kind of soup. (I think she likes to dump different liquids in!) She has sorta mastered egg drop soup. Real easy. 1-2 cans of Chicken Noodle soup, 1 can Chicken broth, 1 egg stirred, poured in very slowly, and 1/4 cup of Parm. cheese, (kids call it sketty cheese). My favorite soup is still Potato Soup which you will find on my other blog. Well, I have been out for the count for a few days. I've become the non-commissioned mother, the one who is full of cold germs and sleepless nights. I am finally feeling a little better, but it has been a hard crawl back. In any case, Dr. O is getting a lot of experience with homeschooling. It's great! He even got to help me with grading papers! Woo Hoo! On top of that, he's doing a lot of laundry. You see, my wash machine is having problems and needs a part replaced. You have to keep checking the water level and turning the knob to coax more water out of it. So, since we aren't calling Sears to come fix it, he wants to fix it himself....Someday, he can do the washing, checking, until it is fixed. Get this, Mystery Girl has chosen to do her research project on "The Great Awakening". The Revival that happened in the 1800s on the east coast when Jonathan Edwards preached "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." I bet she's the only person in all of Belding to request information from the library on this subject. One of the librarians had not even heard of it before! Oh, boy! She sure likes to do things the hard way!Of all the items on the list, she had to choose this one! Did you hear about the cars that will be able to run on fuel created out of trash? I think that's a really great idea! We generate enough here that maybe my car could run on it. Ya think? I wish. Now, if they could just channel it into our propane tank, we could turn the heat up around here! We are firmly set at 65. Folks, that is just cold enough to keep us cold! (Nothing like putting you family on ice, eh?) It adds a new meaning to "I'm cool!" or "Cool it, guys!" If there were no kids here, we'd probably be set at 62 or something! It's been snowing here since Saturday, off and on. Just enough to lay a thin layer of snow over everything and to prevent me from navigating my driveway. It's weird, I can drive to town, over country, gravel roads, on the highway, but I can't get up my driveway! When I leave, I have to be sure to get home before Dr. O goes to work, in case I need him to dig me out or drive up the hill for me. It's just a little hill. But, just steep enough that I can't get up and into the garage. frustrating. Hopefully, it will be plowed out before tomorrow night so we can go to church. Otherwise, I'll be parking at the end of it and letting Dr. O move it when he gets home after work. I guess it could be worse, at least I can get into the driveway, if not up.

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roniarch said...

Okay...I'll let that one slide. It really is quite shameful that I have never made an Omelet, even at my ripe old age. Maybe I should learn, then teach hubby, then have an omelet made by him in the mornings instead of scrambled eggs every time! I'm not complaining...no one would have breakfast if it were left up to me. Of course, any amount of veggie or meat chopping is going to be very unpopular in this house. Still, a change would be nice. But then again, Perkins omelets are pretty good, too. Oh...how pathetic do I sound anyway. Just terrible!

We also have had the on again - off again snow. I'm ready for it to stop any day, now. In a day or two we are supposed to get an arctic chill for the rest of the month! Somebody please pray for those of us in Wisconsin. If the Packers go to Superbowl and play at Lambeau, it's gonna be a cold one. First forecasted was a high of (drumroll please) three! Yes. Three. Tres. 3. Three stinking degrees. And that's just the beginning, I'm sure. Not taking into account the wind chill. Brrrr!! Hope everyones vehicles start after work at 11:00 at night. Our furnace will never keep up! But I'm just venting.