Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sensory Integration

So, what is sensory integration? It is when a person has trouble relating to the world around them through tactile processes. For example, a child may need firm pressure applied when being touched. The light pressure gets them excited and they cannot get centered. Or when a person must always have something in their mouth or have the hand to mouth need. There are a bunch of other things that are also included. I think that we are going to be doing some research and finding some things that work for our daughter. I can literally see her flying apart and she just cannot focus. I think that some of the symptoms of ADHD are also sensory integration issues. I hate to have her put on meds. Yet something has to be done. I think she is in sensory overload. We are officially removing most of the things in her room and she will be allowed to have a few items, but that's it. She cannot function in the chaos that is spilling out of her room. In any case, it is a constant struggle to get her motivated and to keep her on track. So, major changes have to be made.

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