Sunday, January 13, 2008

Men's Omlette

This is Lane's Men's Omlette that he made up. Check it out. Pretty Cool! Men's Omlette 1 cast iron pan (big) 2 eggs 15 pieces of ham chopped onion chopped carrot 1 red pepper slice chopped 2 green pepper slices chopped 1 tsp. hot sauce lots of cheese Heat up pan and put some butter on it and let it melt. Get a measuring bowl then crack eggs into the measuring bowl. Stir until mixed up. Pour it onto the pan and then put 15 pieces of ham on the eggs. Then put onions in it chopped. Get it a carrot and chop it into little pieces. Then get a slice of red pepper and chop it. Get 2 slices of green peppers and chop it. Put lots of cheese on it. Put the rest of the stuff in the omlette and fold it in half. Then put hot sauce in it. Then you have a Men's Omlette.

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roniarch said...

Gourmet Chef? I've never made an omelet. Is it any good? Sounds very different.