Monday, January 7, 2008

The Day Has Arrived

The day has arrived when I can separate my kids and send one back to school and start the other on a schedule. Yea!!!! This has been a very long vacation this holiday. Ufda! I don't know about you, but when I spend 24/7 with 3 other people, I get a little cranky and so do they! Today, we can begin a new year and make it better than the last year. I haven't written much lately since I have been feeling like the world's most boring mom and boring wife. Maybe, now I can get some interesting things going. I have big plans for Mystery Girl's art projects and am coaxing Dr. O into doing some music. I am TOTALLY music inept. I also need to get her into a PE activity. I am hoping that soon we can get my in-laws piano, but I have a feeling that they are not quite ready to give it up yet. IF we could get it, I think that MG and I would do piano lessons, as least enough to play some simple songs and get a grade for Music. The PE thing is hard too. We don't have gym memberships, the weather is icky, the exercise videos are too hard(?) and well, I hate exercising so I don't do it with her and therefore she doesn't do it either. Indoor swimming would be nice. Anyway, this week we are finally getting back on schedule. Back to school, back to Wed. night church, back to Bible Study. I suppose, back to cooking and cleaning and normal household stuff. Whatever that is. I'm going thru my garden magazines and cookbooks trying to figure out what I want to plant this year. I am definietly planting stuff for salsas. I'll cut back on some of the stuff and add more of others. Some of them just are not worth the effort unless you have a large garden. So. those I'll replace with other things that I can get in better. Corn is going to go and peas and beans are going to increase. So will potatoes and onions and I am going to add pepper plants. I need to order most of the stuff by March and get some of them started by early April if I'm going to get a good crop this year. I think we did fairly decent last year considering it was my 1st garden and we had a major plague of cutworms and a woodchuck that was stealing from me and the rabbits of course. This year I will have a fence! I may ask my friend if I can borrow some of her garden space this year too. If so, I can expand my produce! Lately, I've also been doing a lot of cross stitch projects. Mostly to take up time, but I love the feeling of finishing a project. This last one is a little of the overwhelming side. I decided to embroider a quilt. Oh, my! 3 kinds of blocks and 6 of each. folks, that's 18 blocks! and they take forever! Well, I should have it done sometime this year. I'm also working on hope chest items and next year's Christmas gifts. Oh, yeah, I'm also still teaching MG! Hope it won't be quite so challenging!

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