Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's That Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Our Christmas went very well and was pretty relaxing. Christmas Eve we went to a Candlelight Service at 11 pm. I'm not sure why it was so late. But there was a good turnout. We got home about 12:30 and everyone went straight to bed. Dr. O set his alarm to get up for Christmas Day! Can you believe that? Well, it's a good thing he did. At 7:30 he went and woke the kids up for Breakfast and gifts! Breakfast was rolled up pancakes and hot chocolate. In spite of our buying very few gifts this year, our tree was loaded with stuff from extended family. The kids made us open ours first. They gave Dr. O a set of weights. 2 lbs each! Maybe he can do toe exercises! They gave me a really soft, really red robe. How nice! Now I can look like Mrs. Claus! I made Bible covers for their Bibles for them. They also received puzzles, a video, p.j.s, Christmas decorations, aprons, a beading set, a scrapbooking set, a great, big, huge pirate ship, and a commemorative quarter set. Our favorites were the pirate ship, and the beading set, and the Scrapbooking set. We also really loved the Kitchen Aid attachments for our mixer. We soooo, needed them. now I can get rid of all my broken handheld tools! Yea! My X MIL sent us a set of 4 country mugs and dish towels. They all have a log cabin on them! Just like our family image! This was probably the most laid back Christmas ever. We stayed home, we had no visitors, we lounged all day. We did have a ham dinner, but that was just a couple of things in the oven. Calico Kid told me over and over that this was his most favorite Christmas Ever. I'm glad for him. Every kid should have a favorite Christmas memory.

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