Sunday, December 23, 2007

It Was The Strangest Thing...

It was the strangest thing, I mean, that we actually caught this first picture on film. The second one, well, it's totally disgusting! That's what I get for living out here in the middle of nowhere. What on earth am I talking about you ask? Well, here they are. Maybe then you'll understand what I'm saying!
This was outside our livingroom window, under a bush. These mourning doves were hiding from the snowstorm and took refuge here. We were lucky enough to catch a few pictures of them. This one was the best.
And this one is totally gross. The kids loved it of course. We found this corpse above the ceiling panels in our livingroom. It's ucky, but kinda cool too, I guess. I wonder how long it was up there? Eww, corpses in my ceiling. I think we will be cleaning it out this summer. I hope there's not a whole bunch of them up there. Gag, cough, wheeze.
There, aren't you glad I showed you that? I just thought I'd share the wealth of country living with my less fortunate family and friends! You poor things, living in the city, far from wildlife, and clean country air!
Have a Merry Christmas!

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