Monday, February 11, 2008

Blog Glog, it's all the same here!

Yea! I had a comment! I evidentally made a mistake in my last post. I said "glog" instead of "blog"! My spellcheck isn't working, tho I don't really need it. I just need warm hands so I can feel them typing! Anyway, glog is how I feel lately. glog, glog, glog. Glogging down the HOT coffee, HOT chocolate, HOT water, HOT showers, HOT dishes! Anything to keep me warmer around here! Is it possible to get frostbite inside the house? Maybe hypothermia? Sometimes I wonder! You know it's bad when you are too cold to sleep and your muscles are tense all the time so they hurt, but you can't relax them cause then the cold will get ya. Down the neck, up the sleeves, up the waist band and up the pant legs. Mittens and slippers are becoming required gear to wear in the house around here! I even turned the heat up, but I'm STILL COLD! What do I do? How can I get warm? Any suggestions? Soon my bed will become the family bed. Only problem there is that it's the coldest room in the house. My personal furnace is getting wore out from trying not to be crowded out of the bed! I keep scooting closer and he keeps moving farther away! Imagine that! How rude! Extra blankets? Only on my side. How can he be warm? I don't get it! Speaking of pain in the neck... I need a new chair to sit in. This one is lopsided, so I can't sit straight. It's pretty cockeyed now and I have NO IDEA where it came from, other that it is Dr. O's and it looks like he dragged it out of the trash dumpster. THERE IS A REASON IT WAS THERE! But, it's the only place to sit and do needlepoint projects. It's next to the only bright light in the house. We're "conserving" and whooboy, will I be glad for summer! Maybe then I can do it outdoors! We did see the sun today. A perfectly clear Arctic day. I did make the kids go out for a few minutes. It's hardly worth it in this weather. It takes them longer to get dressed and undressed then they are actually outside! 30-45 minutes getting ready and 20 minutes outside! But at least they got fresh air and sunshine! Ask me... Did we have a snow day today? YES, we sure did. Good grief, I guess I should just expect everyday to be a snow day. I spose I'd be more surprised then if we actually had school. Calico Kid would probably be late then so I'd have to drive him to school! Whatever! Maybe they should post it on the news if there IS school! I might notice it faster! Anyway, Mystery Girl is still limping along with her school. She's at least caught up with most of the stuff. Just need to add in one more subject and get it caught up, then we'll be set. Anybody want to help her write a research paper? Me either! Moving right along now....Let's diagram sentences. That makes more sense! Call me crazy, or just call me! I'm sitting by the phone!

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