Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Belated Valentine's Day. Yesterday, there just wasn't any time to write. We had an eye appointment that took FOREVER. What is it about going to the Dr. and arriving early, then they call you back 45 minutes after the appointed time, then take just a few minutes, send you to the waiting room, then call you back again, only to wait again, before the Dr. comes in. Our appointment was at 10 and we finally left at 12. Ugh. So, Dr. O barely got us home in order to turn around and go to work. So, no, we didn't do anything. Other than that, here's some more pictures. Mom, you said you couldn't imagine what I was describing, so this is for you.
Paintbrush coasters. Aren't they cute! They took a long time to do. The cutting out and the handles were the hardest.
It was a ponytail, now, it's a squirrel tail. Just another thing you can do with a squirrel tail!
Yesterday, Mystery Girl spent some time at our adopted grandma's house and made this.
Are we not artistic?! How can we ever top this? Well, on to bigger and better things!

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