Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It wasn't MY spelling mistake....It was anonymous'. Oh, well, I guess I got some milage out of it anyway! Now, the real reason I posted....well, now I can't remember what I was going to say! Oh, maybe it was about quilting. Well, I'll run with that anyway. Have you seen the quilts that the Amish make? They have some really beautiful quilts and there is sooo much color. I was looking at them online, just to see what they look like and how much they cost. Holy Toledo! Upwards of $700! And people actually PAY this much! The other thing I found interesting is their "whole cloth quilting". You know those bedspreads and quilts that have a lot of design quilted into it, but it's all one piece. They are very detailed. I can't believe they actually hand stitch them. Wow. You can check it out for your self at . Here's a sampling for you of what you will see. I love the designs, but oh, boy, I'm sure not spending that kind of money for a quilt. As much as I love quilting and embroidery, I don't think I would ever have this kind of patience or success! Okay, now, what can you do with a squirrel tail? Well, here's an idea that Mystery Girl came up with. Take a look. She's trying to look like Daddy! And here are a few more winter wonderland photos. We have a lot of snow. Can you tell? This is what I can see out my breakfast nook window. The others, Dr. O went outside to get. While I am still sitting in my jammies. Do you know why I was getting hypothermia a couple of days ago? Because my son left his WINDOW OPEN. It was Zero outside! HIS room was warm and toasty. Because he sucked all the heat from the rest of the house into his room and right out the window! So, all the cold air in the basement came up to the first floor and all the heat from the first floor went up to the second floor. Good Grief! Naughty, Naughty!

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