Friday, March 14, 2008

I Did Say Spring, Right?

First of all, thank you anonymous for the Tortilla recipe tip. I'm going to try it the next time I make them. I wish I had read my blog BEFORE I made the batch I just started! Oh, well, next time. Today I went out and raked. Yup, raked the frozen ground! Well, parts of it are frozen and parts are muddy. Actually, I only raked debris away from the house to get a start on the cleanup. There's a lot of it this year. We have branches all over and siding stuff where the landlord had the house fixed up a little and there are a lot of nails and metal pieces. So, I thought that I should get to it before the kids do and then hurt themselves. It was sooo nice out that I am almost unable to stay in the house. I am planning all the work to be done and the flowerbed to be dug out. I'm also eyeing my garden site and hoping that I can get in there soon. We still have a lot of frost, but it will disappear soon. Cross my fingers. We are also looking at what we can get rid of in the garage. It's quite overcrowded and needs cleaning out. Along with that is all the stuff accumulated in the house. Ufda!

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