Monday, March 17, 2008

The Strike's Not Over Yet

Well, We are on week number two. We've been holding up pretty good so far, but it's going to get tough before this is over. Tonight, Dr. O has an interview. Hopefully it goes okay. I'm not ever sure what job he's interviewing for. He ran out of here right before dinner like his pants were on fire. All he said is that he hasta go, got an interview in about an hour. Last I knew, he was on the phone, then up the stairs he ran, changed into "interview clothes", and ran out the door. So, I'm waiting to find out what that was all about. I guess interviews are good. At least it's a start!
We now have bulbs and shoots showing. Yea! I'm quite excited about that! My seeds have come, or at least most of them have. Burpee didn't send my onion sets, so I have to find them somewhere else. The other ones I'm waiting on should be here in the next few days, then I can start planting some of it indoors so that I can have a decent crop this year. Last year I didn't start anything indoors and I didn't get very many tomatoes or peppers. So, this year, I'm going ot do it right and Dr. O is finally in agreement with me about the garden. He discovered how nice it is to not have to buy veggies all winter and how much better they taste when you grow them yourself! I think last year, he wasn't sure that I'd finish what I started since it's such a large project, but I think even he enjoys gardening. He was definitely surprised at how much I canned and stored last year.
Dr. O is now Farmer O as you can see here, where he is turning the earth over manually. (We can't order my rototiller until after he goes back to work.)
This is my driveway between the yard and my garden. This is where the farm trucks drive and park. Quite a sloppy mess, and of course Mystery Girl is in her glory! She is forbidden to dig in the driveway however, so she will have to find other mud to play with! Calico Kid is mildly interested in mud, but he doesn't set out to get as dirty as possible, he just doesn;t go out of his way to avoid it either.
Do you know what this is? My kids are quite interested in it as is evidenced by this photo my son took! That's right, it's deer scat. It is EVERYWHERE back in the apple orchard.
And finally, but not least, Calico Kid on St. Patrick's Day! His idea, his cash, his deal. Mystery Girl didn't care about it much at all. Oh, well. I don't much either!
In other news, my sister has decided to go back to school and finish her degree. I'm proud of her for that choice. She only had one class to go, but it's a hard one to get. Anyway, no matter what happens afterward, it's a great feeling to finally finish. It took ME long enough. I did 2 1/2 years right out of college, then another 6 years when I was in my late 20's. I finally got my degree at age 34. It was the proudest moment of my life. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears, and sleepless nights. It was a sacrifice for the whole family, but soooo worth it. Not that I'm working, but now I know that I can get a better job sometime down the like. My present job is quite demanding as it is (SAHM and HomeSchool Mom) Wife and Mom are enough job for anyone I think. Course, along with that comes housework, cooking, yardwork, gardening and just being there for everyone!

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