Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who Wants to Buy Knives?

That's what the interview/training was about. Is he going to take this job? We don't know yet. It sounds kind of iffy/chancy for supporting a family with. Paid by appointment and sales make a commission. Anyway, he's gonna keep looking, but attend training days anyway, just in case. It might make a great part-time or extra job. Number 1 job requirement is that he be laid back. LOL He's so laid back he stinks (so he says!) When the decision is made, I'll let ya know when and what to buy from him. Commissions would be great!
We went on a honest to goodness field trip today to a Menonite Farm where they build log furniture. It was soooo fun. I even pulled Calico Kid out of school to take him along. Below is a record of what we did and what we saw.
This one is Calico Kid holding a log. They put the end of it into a thing that looks like a pencil sharpener only it creates a peg point that is later inserted into predrilled holes in the seat.This is Calico Kid's Friend Sam from Church. CK said he's real cool. He's also in 4th grade and is homeschooled. His dad is the one who took us on our field trip. His dad is "real funny."This one is a photo of the seats before assembly. We learned that the reason the wood grain doesn't match throughout the whole seat is that they use about 6 boards and each one is flipped so that the grain is opposite on every other piece. If you don't flip them so they are opposite, then the wood will warp and be very uncomfortable to sit on. As the wood dries out and tightens up, it curls in the direction of the tree ring. Flipping helps it to stay straight.Here is where the man is inserting the peg ends of the legs into the seat. They use Gorilla Glue to hold it into place, then use a rubber mallet to pound the legs in. Once the legs are inserted and pounded in, they insert a wood screw into each leg as extra reinforcement. Then they run the ends of the legs through a circular saw to make sure they are cut evenly and at the proper height. The back legs are 1 inch shorter than the front legs for a more comfortable sit.
Here, Calico Kid is sitting on the finished product. It is a very comfortable chairAnother view of the finished chair. It only needs to be coated with a clear resin. Oh, and of course the English Bulldog got to be part of our tour. The kids aboslutely loved him. He was quite soft and cuddly. And quite heavy!
After we left the workshop, we went to the horse barn. Boy, did it ever smell like a horse barn! This is a three week old colt that we saw. This one is a filly that was born just this morning. It was sooo adorable. It was barely on it's feet and still figuring out how to get milk. The Momma wasn't too happy to see us. She was VERY protective of her newly born baby.In addition to making furniture and having horses to do their hauling and for driving, they raise bulldogs and beagles. Here's the bulldog.And the Beagle, Calico Kid loves beagles.This is a shed that they built from whole logs. I thought it was neat so here ya go!
After the Horse Barn, we headed over to the store. They have some of the neatest furniture. Guess what I want to decorate with! Seriously, Dr. O and I have talked about this many times! This is a red cedar table and chair dining set. LOVE IT! Now you know what to get me for my birthday (after we buy our own home!)This one is made from Shady Pine. This one is Dr. O's favorite. I can go for that one too!This is the store that they owned and whose farm we were on. And this, folks is what I want in my kitchen. We both love the rustic look and rugged feel of log furniture.


roniarch said...

I absolutely LOVE Amish furniture! It is gorgeous and very good quality, sturdy. The only reason why I have none yet, is because it is also more than I can afford. Also, I don't have much room to display such works of mastery and beauty. Someday.

Anonymous said...

This is Mom. Just trying to see if this works