Friday, March 21, 2008

Oxymoron - Laidback Salesman

The answer is no. He is NOT taking the job. There is no such thing as a laidback salesman. Yes Dr. O is laid back. But you can't be laid back AND sell for commissions. That is if you want to make a living and support a family. So, what happened? Well, When Dr. O called this morning to explain why he wasn't going to take the job, the manager said to him. "OK, I have to stop you right there. I need to focus on our training for today. Our company has no negatives." He didn't let Dr. O explain to him why it wasn't a good fit. You are required to follow the script word for word which is hard to do since there are so many grammatical errors in the presentation. ie. Not complete sentences. Bullet points. It is hard to read because the paragraphs don't make sense and you want to fix all the sentences so that it flows properly. They are geared for College students and graduates of marketing. 95 % of the trainees were 25 or younger. You know, kids who don't know any better with little or no life experience. The hours are not family friendly and you have to make your own calls and appointments. It is just like all the other marketing plans out there for really great products the "sell themselves" Yeah, whatever! It's even how churches market their own brand of religion and those hyped up conferences! So, what company is this? The name is CUTCO. Great product, crappy selling, marketing, hours. OOps that's a nagative isn't it?! Oh, well, another day, another job. Hopefully a steady one. Speaking of another job..... Dr. O goes back to Challenge on Tues. Yesterday, he went and took a 3 hour test for a different job. We'll find out Mon. how he did. He said that is was mostly common sense questions and really not all that technical. Only problem was finishing the test since all the reading is on the computer (which in my opinion takes longer due to having to scroll up and down a lot.) If he passes this test, then he will be awarded an interview and then possibly start with the new company. This one is only about 9 miles from home, versus 26 miles so it will save time and money on gas. It pays slightly less and the shifts are different but we will still be able to have dinner as a family every night. That's a plus for me. Even if he ends up on 2nd again. The shifts are from 630 - 630. and they are on a 2-3-2 schedual which means that he will be home more. It would require every other weekend which we don't like, but just being able to see him more often would be nice. Calico Kid hardly gets to see him at all. He get about an hour in the morning and then weekends. So, he would be able to see him before and after school and have dinner with him. I'm really hoping for this job. I guess we'll find out real soon.

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