Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter

I know it's a little late, but I'm wishing you a happy Easter anyway! We had the Holiday at home this year. We did church, then came home and vegged out the rest of the day. It just didn't feel much like Easter. The weather was gray and foggy. Then at church, I was really hoping to get in the mood with Easter music. Nada. Zip. Zero. I guess I expect too much, but I was really, really looking forward to singing songs like "Christ the Lord is Risen Today," "Because He Lives," and "Up From the Grave He Arose." We got instead a rendition of modern choruses and the only hymn they sang, was butchered. Really. Seriously. "Crown Him With Many Crowns/Worthy is the Lamb" is NOT supposed to sound like they all got kicked in the groin. So, anyway, I went and dug out the old hymnal and tried to sing them without any music. (I'm still waiting for my piano!) My voice is NOT a singing voice, but I was asingin' anyway. Usually I really like the music at church and the strangeness doessn't usually bother me. But there is something about murdering a sacred holiday that really gets to me. I mean, I have some really fond memories of Easter from childhood that are special. I remember that one year, my mom made all us girls an Easter dress that looked like it came right out of Little House on the Prairie. We even had bonnets and matching purses. I don't think any of us really liked the bonnets, but it was fun to be "old fashioned." I'm not sure if that was the same year that we hunted eggs in the backyard or not. This particular Easter was in Iowa and it was super sunshiney. We had to hunt eggs really early in the morning, because we had to go to the sunrise service. I think they even had a sunrise breakfast. Pancakes if I recall. Now, every year, for some reason, I expect the weather to be warm and sunny so we can all wear our Easter Best and go to a sunrise service and sing hymn after hymn. You know, HE IS RISEN...(he is risen indeed) I'm so against legalism, then I find myself bummed out that the church services have changed. Maybe I should modify that to conditional legalism?! JK Maybe, I'll just have to come up with something for ourselves to satisfy that longing for tradition. (Ok, honey, you can buy me that piano now! Just as soon as you buy that rototiller!) Speaking of hubby, he went back to work today. I'm not sure if I'm glad or sad. I really enjoyed having him around for the past couple of weeks. He was a real help around the house and we were able to eat regualr meals with him. Now, however, he's back to bringing home the bacon. I guess that's the good part. He was starting to feel a little restless the past couple of days too. Not that he would admit to it. It was just the way he wandered around staring out the windows and drinking pots of coffee! He took that 3 hour test and didn't make it. I think it may be the length of the test and that it was on the computer. It's really hard to read and comprehend some material on a computer. I know I do much better when I have the stuff in my hands to read. Calico Kid has been home sick today. I think I'm going to have to take him in to a Dr. soon. He keeps getting migraines and they make him miserable. But, since he can't swallow anything, I'll probably have to give him shots instead. Cringe....That's why I haven't taken him yet. I dread the thought of giving my kid shots. But, he can't keep missing school due to headaches. We'll see how he is tomorrow.


Amy said...

That is how I've felt about Easter the last several years. What's wrong with singing a few hymns, I'd like to know??? This year I was shocked to hear them sing "Christ the Lord is Risen Today." It's the first time in YEARS! I got there late and missed the first verse or two, but I got the last two, so I was mollified. I know what you mean about butchering a hymn, though. Everyone thinks they're an artist. We actually quit our last church over that. I couldn't take it anymore.

Wow, you have very clear memories of that Easter! I remember the dress, but that's about it. I don't remember any of the other stuff you talked about. Isn't it weird how we could do the exact same things but remember them differently? Of course, you were older then ... I was probably about 5 or 6 at the most.

Glad to hear that O is back to work! You would've gotten sick of him eventually... haha! It's always good to have some income.

Anonymous said...

Saturday night I brought out my hymnal and played all the good old Easter season songs. The ones you mentioned I played several times. It really helped. Next year, if we remember, I'll call you and play them over the phone and you can sing on your end. How's that? And when I turned the radio on Sunday morning, they just started "Christ the Lord is Risen Today". Isn't it sad that we cannot get much of that in our churches anymore? I just hope all the grandkids don't go through life never knowing the blessings of the hymns.

Love ya and miss ya -- Mom