Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Is it Spring Yet?

Ok guys, it is time for Spring. Really, really time. I am snowed out, iced out, chilled out, and wore out. I like snow, I like rain, I even like clouds. But not when you string them 13 days in a row with no sunshine. Ok, so it's been sunny more often lately, but I'm still catching up. Question for you all. Do you ever tell someone when things are going according to plan and that things are great, then find that you jinxed yourself? Sometimes, I think that I just need to keep my mouth shut and maybe things will keep going alright. How's school going? ARGGGG! We are on track (for now, we'll see after today)and wore right out. How is our behavior issues? Double ARRGGG. We're gonna see a specialist here in a couple of weeks. And no, it's definitely not cause of all the changes here. ie. new dad, new home, new school. We're over that hurdle. Birds are returning to my world once again. I hear them chirpping, I see them flying, I see the bushes explode with bird activity. I guess it's time to put my feeders out again so I can watch them. Do you know how helpful a white board can be? I love our new one. Suddenly, work is getting done (well, mostly) and the kids can interact with homework or parents more. Wow, If I had know then, what I know now.... I took the kids to a Lego Robotics club last night. Calico Kid loved it. Mystery Girl was kinda so-so about it. I also found out that the church has a karate class that is soooooo cheap that I think I'm gonna make the kids do it. We'll try it out next week and see how it goes. They used to be in karate before we moved, so they just need to get in practice again. Wonderful, and only once a week! I can deal with that.

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