Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Calico Kid

Well, I took Calico Kid to the Dr. yesterday and he did a complete physical then schedualed him for an MRI. Dr. thinks it is most likely migraines, but needs to be sure before prescribing anything. Calico Kid can't swallow stuff so all meds have to be a)chewable, b)liquid, of c)shots. Anyway, these meds are going to help prevent the migraines instead of treat them after he gets them. They have been getting worse and worse lately and we don't know why. We've pretty much eliminated most processed and chemically treated foods, but he could be having allergies that trigger them too. We just don't know. So, we are trying some experiments with what we cook to see if we can isolate the triggers. Two possiblities are whole wheat and honey. Susan and Michael both have nut allergies, but Calico Kid doesn't like nuts of any kind and since we don't buy canned or boxed foods, that should not be a problem. If we can't figure it out, we may need to have him tested for allergies, but I hate to do that. If the meds do their job, it may not be an issue anyway. Mystery Girl finished another book report. Big deal in this house! She hates to write. So, since Dr. O is off work, I am utilizing his motivating power to accomplish school work for as long as it lasts. He is finding out how exhausting it is to deal with on a daily basis. But, that's why she's not in school. She needs that one on one to get anything done. So, regardless of whether a certain someone approves or not, I am quite sure this is the right thing to do. There is just no sense in putting her into a situation that she is guaranteed to fail in. She has enough problems with out creating more. And actually, we need to get this one solved, before we move on to the bigger, wider world. And no, there are still no prospects in sight for work. WE are hanging on by a shoestring! A fingernail? maybe it's a thread!

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