Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thanks Mom

Your right. This is a REAL test of faith. I'm glad we got our taxes back so that we can at least be okay until the middle/end of April. We paid off a lot of stuff and paid some bills early, so that gave us some cushion room. However, each day that goes by just makes me more and more uneasy. Dr. O still doesn't want me to go back to work yet. He still feels it's important for me to be home. I guess it's not supposed to be my worry anyway, but you know how that goes! In other news, Calico Kid is still home sick with migraines and sore throat. He has an appointment on Monday to get checked out and see if I can get him on some meds. It will have to be shots, but the poor kid is missing way too much school due to illness. Just hope it's not something worse. The migraines are causing him to have high fevers which just makes it worse for him. Mystery Girl is aiming at finishing two subjects by tomorrow so that they can be included on her report card. She is already done with Science and Inventions. Now she will be done with Bible and Maps. Four down, five to go. Although History will be done in the next 3 weeks I think. Book Reports may have to be finished in the Summer as she just HATES to write and I just HATE to take us other valuable school time trying to force her to do them. Definitely a Battle of the Wills. I thought it was Spring here,'s snowing again! Although, it disappears much faster than before. The weather has been much warmer the last few days and I have shoots and buds coming out already, so, I think Spring must be almost ready to stay. My birds are back and fighting over the seed I set out. The birds and the buds definitely make my day. I pleased my son yesterday, I made Honey Wheat Bread! He told me that I had to make it cause mine is better than hubby's! How sweet! He likes Dad's too, but he likes mine better! He he! I've noticed that I am becoming territorial about the kitchen lately. Poor hubby, he likes to cook. But I'm starting to like it too and now we seem to be competing over who can make what better! Dumb, huh! Oh! Do you know what is in boxed pudding mix? It's awful! It has preservatives and colors like yellow #5, #6, and red #40. Yuck! So, I made homemade pudding and it was really good. Heaven sakes, no wonder we have behavior problems! JK Maybe? We are really trying to cut that kind of stuff out of out diets. Man, you can tell when it's there after you haven't had it in a long while! Even the kids tell me how awful boxed and canned foods are.

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