Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's All About Friendship

Friday night we finally had our Frindship Supper. It went wonderfully! I can hardly believe that it was so successful. The planning and coordinating stage were really scary for our team because we've never planned anything so large before by ourselves. Our leader really pushed us to stretch ourselves and do all the planning and coordinating ourselves. It was really kind of neat how we got it all done and with such good results. We had about 100 ladies show up, we had enough food and then some, the speaker was great, and we had a great response to doing this again in the future. It really helped that it was free and that it was before Summer Vacation. Our Men's Ministries even got involved with the set up, serving, and tear down. I think they enjoyed themselves as well. We did the soup and salad route and it was just right. The men were serving the soups and desserts and walked around filling water pitchers and clearing plates. It was so nice to be waited on! After the speaker was finished, I did the closing and let me tell you, standing on a platform in front of 100 women is intimidating! However, I did not break down, make a fool of myself, or any dumb thing like that, so I am proud of myself. Now, I'm glad I had to make presentations on front of fellow students in college, who were also strangers. We did door prizes and gave away the flowers on the tables and that went over very well. We had a lovely time and I think it was much needed. I met a lot of women that I had seen and hadn't seen before and talked with them, got to find out what they were looking for and it was just so neat! Yesterday, Hubby and I did nothing except sit around our fire pit and talk or read or fix outdoor breakfast and lunch. We did bacon and eggs over the fire, then I did baked potatoes and cream of potato soup. It was fun, I've always wanted to try making soup over the fire (just like the pioneers and cowboys did). It turned out real well. Of course we had campfire coffee. You can't have a fire without the coffee! I think that this summer is going to be full of campfires and outdoor cooking. It's almost like camping without leaving home, which is getting more and more expensive to do. Plus, then you can still sleep in your own bed. A BIG plus! Soup over a fire is really very easy, and you don't have to be stuck in a hot house all day. Mom and Dad, thank you sooo much for the cast iron you gave us for Christmas. We use it a lot. The dutch oven is our most used piece. It is perfect for soup, roast, ice cream, you name it! Our yard is finally shaping up. It is now thatched (raked with a tractor), vaccuumed, and rolled. We have to roll it because of all the molehills that pop up. We have a few flowers open and the birds are singing. I LOVE listening to the birds. We have mourning doves, cardinals, blue jays, sparrows, red and yellow finches, robins,and this year we have a new one. I don't know what it's proper name is, but it's a blackbird with a dark brown head. It has the prettiest song. It sounds like water spilling. It's hard to describe, but everytime I hear it, I look for where the water is spilling from. Of course, it's the bird, but it fools me almost every time! We also have the redwing blackbird and we often see geese and Michigan egrets. We have 2 bunnies that Calico Kid chases all over the place. Man, they are fast! We also have a woodchuck that has made his appearance, deer in the orchard, (sometimes we find tracks at the end of our driveway, I just wish I could SEE them!), racoons and possoms. Oh, and ground moles, grubs, and gophers. I think that covers them all! Don't you wish YOU lived in the country? It's so much fun.

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