Monday, April 7, 2008

MRIs, Spring Break and Publishing

Oh, where do I start? It has been several days since I had a chance to post. Well, I let you know that Calico Kid was scheduled for an MRI for migraines. Well, he had it on Thurs. and now we are awaiting the results. The technician said that he wished all of their patients were as good as he was at lying still. He didn't move a muscle for the entire 20 minute procedure. It was very noisy and we had to wear earplugs, but it was kinda cool. It sounded like sonar or what you would imagine sonar sounds like from a submarine or a really loud version of a depth finder for you fishing folks. I should have the results of the MRI sometime this week. Calico Kid wants to go with me to see his results. He said he wants to see what his brain and skull look like. Then they will prescribe some meds for him to prevent the migraines. I think I may ask about a referral to a chiropractor as well. It seems that when I picked him up the other day that his back cracked and he has felt fine ever since. So, that's a possibility. We started Spring Break on Friday. So far, so good. After I dropped Calico Kid off at school after his MRI, I went home to find out that we were going away to my in-laws after he got home. Well. it was either go there, or have them come here! You guessed my choice! So, I took along all my taco and tortilla recipes and spent a large portion of my time making all the stuff. mil is still pretty crippled up and has a hard time getting around, so I thought I'd be a nice dil and do most of the cooking while we were there. I'm glad I did! That meant I didn't have to sit and listen to all the "prayer requests"/gossip. I able to keep busy and therefore in a mostly good mood. After I finished the cooking/kitchen stuff, I headed outside and raked their yard. Again, no time to sit and gossip! Then I recruited Dr. O to do some wood chopping. fil can't do it much anymore. He hurt his wrist, so it hurts him to chop. We got a few logs chopped. They heat mostly with wood and they had run out of usable pieces, so had to start using gas, which is spendy for them. When I wasn't working around, I was wearing out their piano. I must have played for hours and hours. I made 5 trips through the hymnal. I want their piano soooooo bad! One of these days I'm going to go rent a truck and bring it home. They told me it's mine when they can get it to me. (It could be years down the road) I just ach to play and sing hymns. I was getting better and better each trip thru the book. I was even playing 4 and 5 flats! I'm still on just the one finger melody, but they are recognizable and I will soon be ready for the two finger melody, then I can add the bass. Maybe! Yesterday, I received a call from my sil in Newfoundland, Canada. She told me that I was published. I was shocked and surprised. A few months ago, she asked me if I would like to submit one of my blog stories to a magazine that is affiliated with their church. So, I told her sure, I'll clean it up some and send it to you. Well, she sent it to the magazine and they published it in their March/April edition. So, she called to let me know. I'm still waiting for my copies. But I am soooo excited! I can hardly believe that I have a story published! And the cool thing is, I sent them two stories and they liked my other one too! So, I might have another one published sometime! Isn't that cool? Now I have to get busy and write some more stories, dust off some more memories, and send them out to see if I can get more of them published! It is a little motivating to be finding more material.

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Amy said...

Another dietary thing to try cutting out of the diet for CK is milk. I don't know how much he drinks, but it's worth looking into. Milk/milk-based products (like chocolate) can cause migrains for people with O+ blood type. Don't ask me why, but I heard it from a chiropractor once, and we experimented with Nik, and his headaches do get worse when he eats a lot of dairy products.